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"Koruyshka" is a place for real rock stars, lovers of live music and good beer, lovers of getting out with friends in the fresh air, without leaving far from their hometown.

All elements of the ship are separate parts of a single mechanism: pipes sticking out of the ceiling, hanging lanterns, wooden tables, with a pronounced texture of the array, convey a brutality and easy "carelessness", reminiscent of the soul of good old rock.

Koruyshka is both a restaurant, a ship, and a gastronomic symbol of St. Petersburg.

The interiors of this iconic place are made in the concept of steampunk-a kind of lair of the traveler, where true gourmets get. The rich menu of the ship-fish is able to satisfy the interests of both vegetarians and true meat eaters.

To refresh yourself and treat yourself to culinary delights, we recommend you to try a fish snack of smoked cod. The dish is prepared in a home-made smokehouse, and then baked with the addition of cream, so that the cod acquires a delicate texture and soft taste, accentuated by lime marmalade.

Connoisseurs of spicy dishes will certainly enjoy medallions of beef tenderloin with pepper sauce from the Chef. The meat is very tender-it is grilled until medium well and served with Demi-glace sauce, prepared on the basis of meat broth. 

Everyone will love the varied menu!

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time Departure time cruise Cruise duration Travel time pier Pier seat_availability Seat availability cost Cost
time Departure time cruise Cruise duration Travel time pier Pier seat_availability Seat availability cost Cost
19:00 DINNER CRUISE ALONG THE NORTHERN ISLANDS 02:00 Central Pier "Pier with the lions" Много от 550 руб.
00:30 JAZZ UNDER DRAWBRIDGES ON KORYUSHKA 2:00 Central Pier "Pier with the lions" Много от 1150 руб.

Unfortunately, there are no cruises on the selected date. 

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8 (812) 426-17-17

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