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"Moskva" is a unique ship in style. The interior in the style of Art Nouveau in itself creates a special atmosphere on each cruise. 

The ship is very popular among our guests, as it is ideal for regular flights, as well as for weddings, banquets and corporate events.

After the renovation of the interior in 2014, the spacious Banquet hall became more original. In the bow of the ship there is a cozy sofa area. The upper deck has panoramic Windows and an open promenade deck. On the lower deck there is a large open bar area, which creates a special atmosphere and allows you to hold bartending and food shows.

Restaurant on board
Enjoy delicious dishes while admiring the Grand St. Petersburg

The Moskva's menu offers our visitors a variety of salads made from fresh and canned vegetables, with cheese and herbs. Caesar salad with chicken fillet and Mixed salad with smoked salmon will perfectly complement delicious side dishes and sauces.

A boat trip with a dinner cooked on the grill will be a real holiday for a friendly company. In addition to fragrant kebabs and chicken with smoke, red wines of domestic and imported production are perfect.

For kids and sweet tooths, we offer a sweet menu "Moskva". It includes original and delicious desserts with strawberries, cream, a variety of ice cream and fruit. We have not forgotten about those who are on a diet - for you light cheesecakes, fragrant tea and coffee, fresh fruits and berries.

The ship's crew and maintenance staff have extensive experience and good professional training to make your cruise as comfortable as possible.

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You can order food for any cruise when placing an order after choosing the date and time of departure.

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